About us

About the OSCG

About us

Open Scholarship Community Galway (OSCG) is a community of scholars and supporting staff devoted to Open principles.

Open Scholarship is an umbrella term for an approach that aims to make research and education accessible, reproducible, and freely available to people within and outside of academics. An important goal is to practice research in a transparent way.

Open Scholarship practices include sharing data and research tools, open peer-review, publishing open access, uploading preprints and (meta) research about scientific methods, pre-registration and replication research.

Nobody has all the answers to Open Scholarship. There are lots of things that are and will need to change in the future - the key to successfully embracing Open Scholarship is cultural change and our Community will help us with that.

We have adapted the concept of the “Eight Pillars” of Open Scholarship defined by the EU to describe the scope of our work:

  1. Open Publishing
  2. Open Infrastructure
  3. FAIR Data & Software
  4. Research Integrity
  5. Rewards & Incentives
  6. Responsible Metrics
  7. Open Education
  8. Engaging with the Public

Anyone in and around Galway who is interested to learn more about Open Scholarship is welcome to join us ! We also aim to connect with like-minded initiatives in Ireland and beyond!

Who are we?

OSCG started as an initiative by researchers, librarians and others at NUI Galway. The Library at NUI Galway is a strong supporter and partner of the OSCG.

Since our early days in autumn 2019 we have welcomed members from GMIT, the Marine Institute, and we are collaborating with initiatives like Pint of Science to raise the awareness of Open practices.